winter wonderland

christmas popschristmas pops 2Christmas is my favorite time of year! This last year, I was invited to attend a dessert exchange/31 bits  party with some ladies from my church. I was also told that there was going to be a competition for most creative and best tasting so, of course, being the competitive person that I am, I wanted to win! I began looking through all my recipes, trying to figure out which one would be best and then it hit me. A cake pop wonderland.

I began to sketch up everything that I wanted in this wonderland of mine; all the reindeer including Rudolph and his main squeeze Clarice, a snowman, presents, Santa and Mrs. Claus; so many ideas I was overwhelmed with all that I could do.

So, first I started working on the gingerbread house with my momma. We spent a few good hours working on the perfect house to be the center of this winterland and then I began work on the candy cane road. Bless Pinterest! I found this super fun idea on how to make a cookie platter from mints and used that to make a road for my scene!

Endless hours later, I was done. I have never been so proud of something that I made. Everything that you see is edible (except the styrofoam base). I love how Mrs. Claus turned out, I think that she looked like a Peanuts character. It was so fun showing up to the party with this. I got there a few minutes early so that I could set up. It was so fun to see peoples reactions to the pops. Most people thought it was just a decoration and then once they realized that it was a dessert, they thought it was too cute to eat. I ended up winning most creative!

If you want to see more pictures, you can check out my instagram: morgieporgiepuddnpie or my hashtag on IG #morgieporgiepuddnpieluvs2bake

just curious

bon voyage



retirement cakes

the joy of NOT working.

The joys of retirement. These cakes were done for a dear friend at my mom’s work for her nautical retirement party. I love love love working with fondant and sculpting things, so I had a blast making some of the accents for these cakes. The buoy on the tiered cake was a replica of the going away gift that the company gave Elizabeth upon her retirement and the little shells you see were chocolate candies my mom made to give these cakes the extra umph I think they needed to show so well!

I will post tutorial pictures of this job later (by later I mean once I can get my husband to help me make a fun video slideshow of the process of this cake). My mom, aka my sou chef,  was kind enough to take pictures of this process for me so I promise I will get them up soon!


he or she? take a bite and see

gender reveal pops

hottest trends: gender reveal parties!

This job was seriously one that was such an amazing experience. Receiving a copy of the sonogram revealing the gender even before the parents knew was a surreal experience. It was even more amazing since I knew the parents and that is something that I will always treasure. I was so blessed that the family trusted me enough to allow me to be able to know the sex of their little blessing before the rest of their family. They gave me creative freedom to do what I wanted and this is what I came up with! Little baby cake pops with their PINK colored cake on the inside. What a sweet surprise for the family as they bit in, only to find that they would soon be welcoming a little princess into this world.

“Congrats” tags thanks to BAKERELLA

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

Psalm 139:13

if you can dream it, you can do it

disney pops

“All our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

This was my first cake pop “job” that I had and I just loved them! It was definitely a challenge using two different chocolate colors and adding ears (instead of just the typical round shape), but it opened my eyes to see that the possibilities are endless when it comes to cake poppn’! I will post tutorials later as I create ¬†things so that you can make them too if you want! I will try to post things as certain holidays are approaching so that if you want to impress your family, you will have plenty of time to practice.

Bakerella has always been my cake pop inspiration. She is seriously such an amazing artist when it comes to baking. If you have never checked out her blog, you should! She gives amazing step by step tutorials and shows the exact ingredients that she uses. I hope to do the same thing on this blog! I want to show you that you don’t have to hire someone to make ¬†your yummy ideas, you can do it yourself!

there’s always a first

Cheryl's cake

This was the very first formal cake that I did for my good friend Cheryl. She asked me if I would be willing to try and make her wedding cake (bold question for someone that never baked on that level) so of course I said that I needed to practice double stacking first! I was quite pleased with myself especially considering that I had never stacked any cake before or had any formal training in baking or decorating cakes (unless youtube counts). Obviously, looking back on this picture now, I see things that I would have done differently if I knew what I know now, but this is still one of my favorites. I love this frosting technique and I love making edible logos.

Thanks for trusting me Cheryl! That trust has truly helped me dive into creative challenges that I never thought I would take!