bon voyage



retirement cakes

the joy of NOT working.

The joys of retirement. These cakes were done for a dear friend at my mom’s work for her nautical retirement party. I love love love working with fondant and sculpting things, so I had a blast making some of the accents for these cakes. The buoy on the tiered cake was a replica of the going away gift that the company gave Elizabeth upon her retirement and the little shells you see were chocolate candies my mom made to give these cakes the extra umph I think they needed to show so well!

I will post tutorial pictures of this job later (by later I mean once I can get my husband to help me make a fun video slideshow of the process of this cake). My mom, aka my sou chef,  was kind enough to take pictures of this process for me so I promise I will get them up soon!


One thought on “bon voyage

  1. Now I know where to look for special party goodies It’s good to see you’re keeping out of trouble

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