paramo wedding

I had the opportunity of doing this vintage-style wedding cake for a wedding this past April. The now Mr. and Mrs. Kerr were just glowing all night at their rustic, barn wedding. Every little detail was simply amazing. From their Kerr mason jars as vases filled with these fun, funky flowers, to the little lace details everywhere. It was such an amazing day. You could tell the family was so close. That is one thing that I love about doing these weddings. All the different family dynamics are so fun to witness! It is always easy to spot the crazy uncle, the cousin that doesn’t really want to be there, the parents of the bride and groom, and that one aunt that just wants to dance and/or sing because they are really¬†good at it!

raiders cake

Another fun new trend at weddings that I wish I would have done at mine, is having a groom’s cake! The bride was so excited telling me exactly what she wanted for her groom’s cake to be able to surprise her future husband with something that he would love. This was my first time doing such little details with fondant to make the RAIDERS logo, but I was quite pleased with how it turned out! Seeing the groom’s face when he saw the cake was priceless and something that makes all the hard work worth it (this was also a moment where all the RAIDER-HATERS came out in full force making fun of him).

Are there any new trends today that you wish were around at the time you were planning your wedding?

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