to fail is to succeed

So many times people tell me that I just dive head first into things that I have never done before fearlessly  (both with baking and other areas of my life) and wonder how I am  so bold with the unknown. I honestly don’t know. I have always been a person that has read the directions on every toy I got and tried to figure out every aspect of whatever has my attention in that moment. I have definitely continued doing this on my baking journey, probably being more fearless at times than I should have because I have had many countless hours correcting mistakes (if you have ever had to un-frost a cake then you can better understand the frustration that can come with that).  There are times that I have started doing something and realized what the heck did I get myself into? I can’t do this! Most of the time I can talk myself through it, giving me the much needed encouragement to get through the job and finish well, but other times I have found that encouragement through my mom. My mom has always helped me to some degree with all the different baking jobs that I have done. She has been able to see the potential in me (maybe more than there actually was) and help instill the confidence in me that I needed in those moments when I really thought this can’t be done.  Lets be honest, two years ago I was not the person that anyone would want to bring baked yumminess to their party, so if I can teach myself to bake like I do now, you can too!  I found this quote that I think is a perfect description of what it means to succeed. Remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. 

“If you are going to achieve goals you have never achieved before, you must be willing to do what you have never done before. One of those things is to allow, no actually push, yourself to FAIL. And if you want to succeed big, you have to fail big. There is no way around it.” –Darren Hardy


Here is one of my failures! hahahahaha sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself when you fail.  🙂

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