Kiss it goodbye!


A few weeks back I did some ombre lip cake pops for a bridal shower where the theme was to kiss single life goodbye! These were definitely some of the most difficult cake pops that I have ever done, but also the ones I was the most pleased with by the time I was done. I am absolutely obsessed with this ombre style so utilizing that trend in the color of my chocolate was so fun! Normally when doing cake pops I mold the shapes by hand, but for this shower I used a chocolate mold to help me make them look perfect! (I included the link if anyone is interested in buying the same mold.)


Here is the cake that I made for the shower as well. The shower had striped linens (so did the invites) so I tried to incorporate that into the cake along with fresh peonies to go on top. I have to say that peonies has to be one of my favorite flowers. They are so fluffy and fun looking, I just can’t help but smile when I see a nice bouquet of these flowers!  Making this cake was more difficult then I imagined it would be because I didn’t realize how tricky it is to put a fondant stripe perfectly straight onto a cake so in this instance I had to call on both my mom and my husband to help put them on! Of course (as always) my mom was a huge help with this baking job. She is my biggest supporter and I am truly thankful for her always wanting (and willingness) to help me bake in the kitchen. I love you mom, more than you will ever know!

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