party time


Here are some pictures of a birthday cake I did for one of my girlfriends a couple weeks back. Sorry I don’t have a tutorial to go with it. This whole cake was experimental so I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but I have to say, the leopard print has got to be one of my new favorite things to do on cakes!


Here is a close up of the leopard print that I painted on. I mixed black gel color and brown gel color with clear piping gel (separately) and then started painting! I first did partial circles with the black gel mixture and then made my way around filling in randomly with the brown. I am quite pleased with how this turned out and to be completely honest it wasn’t hard at all! The key was not make it look perfect. The imperfections are what make it look more natural, well to me at least.


Here is the birthday “tag” I made for the top of the cake. My original goal was to spell out her name as well, but the tag wasn’t big enough (and I was crunched for time) so I just stuck with the original Happy BIrthday. For the numbers I did a 50/50 ratio of fondant and gum paste before I started cutting out the numbers with cookie cutters. Combining both fondant and gum paste gives the numbers that ability to stand without wilting over. The gum paste dries harder and quicker than the fondant so it didn’t need much time for the numbers to dry. I painted clear piping gel on the base of each number to stick it to the cake. Piping gel dries like glue so that is something that I use often with my fondant cakes. I have never had any issues with things falling or sliding off my fondant when I use the gel as “glue.”


This is a more “artsy” shot of the cake to showcase the bow. I love making fondant bows. They are so fun and actually pretty easy to make! I will post a video tutorial on how to make a fondant bow sometime before Christmas so that you can make some fun edible presents!

**Everything on this cake is completely edible.**


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