Looks Can Be Deceiving


Most weddings that I do these days, the bride and groom only want a “cutting” cake and don’t actually want to serve the whole cake as a dessert at the wedding, but they still want to have a bigger cake for display at their wedding. A lot of the weddings that I have done, they literally just end up tossing the rest of the cake away (or dividing it up to different family members to take home) and they only end up cutting the top of the cake for pictures sake. This was the first bride where we actually made the bottom two tiers styrofoam instead of real cake! The only part of this cake that is actually cake is the top tier. The bottom two are styrofoam cake forms that are decorated with fondant and frosting to appear as “real” cake. It was a really fun experience because there were so many unknowns, like trying to frost a “cake” that weighs nothing and keeps trying to spin off my spin board.

I hope that more brides that only want a cutting cake choose to do styrofoam bases! It is much lighter to carry (and being seven months pregnant that made a huge difference) and it gave me more time to work on the bottom two layers because since I wasn’t actually working with a baked cake I could do it days before because I didn’t have to worry about my cake drying out.

Next time you are at a wedding and they only cut in the top cake, I’m sure you will wonder if the rest of the cake is in fact cake because now you see that looks can be deceiving! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Looks Can Be Deceiving

  1. That’s a brilliant idea!! Also better for the planet🌍 But what do they serve as dessert?? I live in Sweden and as far as I know people still serve the weddingcake as dessert in weddings…

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