Naked Cakes

One of my top selling cakes lately has been the “naked cake.” Naked because as you can see below, there is barely any frosting on the outside; basically a nice crumb coat just to seal in moisture and that’s about it! I love this cake because 1- it’s super simple to make and I don’t spend time stressing what the outside of it has to look like and 2- because you can literally dress it up any way you like! This is my naked chocolate and vanilla swirl cake with my yummy buttercream frosting. The client here was hosting a women’s only event at their house and made everything look so dang cute! I love the simplicity of the way the added decorations make the cake feel so warm and inviting to eat and then once you cut into it, those colors just swirl together so beautifully! Such a fun and flirty cake!

Where are you Christmas?

Christmas came and left so fast this year. This was the first year that we didn’t get Christmas cards done and by the time we went to get our tree they were already done selling. Ironic. My first year home and I got nothing done. I guess stay at home moms really aren’t just sitting around eating bon bons all day 🙂

Actually, this year seemed busier than most. I have never baked so much in my life! ONE day alone I baked 200 oatmeal cookies, 24 brownie cookies, one GIANT cookie “pizza,” 4 dozen mini cupcakes, 4 dozen cake pops, 48 sugar cookies in fun shapes and still managed to watch two kids and keep them alive fed. Whew. That made me tired just typing all that.

One of my more popular cakes was my IGLOO CAKE.   To make the igloo appearance I used melting chocolate and sprinkled sugar on it before it hardened. Once it hardened, I broke up the chocolate and arranged it, in no apparent order, all over the cake. The one in the picture below was actually used for a winter themed baby GIRL shower, which is why the frosting is pink. igloo cake

What were some of your favorite goodies to eat this year???

I’m bringing baking back

I hope as you read that title you instantly hummed Justin Timberlake’s sexy back because I definitely did!

It’s been quite some time since I have been in the blogging/baking game so lets do a brief update post to bring you up to speed on what’s going on over here. Since my last post, I have since had two BEAUTIFUL children and recently achieved my dream career of  STAY AT HOME MOM (insert tears of joy and hair pulling for being home with two littles). Brief enough? 🙂

Being a SAHM was something I never thought would happen for us, but since our son (the newest of the two beautiful children) was born with a condition known as SYNDACTYLY, I have since resigned to stay home to ensure he remains healthy for his remaining surgeries and to care for him while he recovers. Fortunately, he has a minor case that can be corrected with surgery and there should hopefully only be three total. He had his first one last October and minus the infections and intubation complications, the surgery was a success! I have included a picture of  him and his sister at his last doctor visit clearing him to have some fun for a couple months! As you can see if you look closely, they separated his pinky from his ring finger, but his ring finger is still currently attached to his middle finger (which is true for both hands. but this hand is connected at his nail, which makes for a longer surgery and potentially physical therapy or more corrective surgeries).

His next one is scheduled for sometime in February and hopefully the next one will be sometime after the first weekend of May; WHEN MY BABY SISTER GETS MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Because of our recent change of income and amount of hospital debt we are no doubt going to incur with a few more surgeries, I have started up my at home baking business again! I had a kick off event in December (a post will be coming soon!) to raise initial funds and allow people to taste some of my baking! About 6 months of support was raised PRAISE THE LORD.

This was a huge leap of faith resigning from a job that I had for nearly a decade especially since finances would be very tight, but as per usual THE LORD PROVIDES.

I am currently trying to make my site where you can place orders, but I just wanted to do a brief update on why it has been so long. If there is anything specific you would like to see me post about please leave a comment below letting me know! I will try to post a few times a week with various tips and tricks, recipes and more!

Looks Can Be Deceiving


Most weddings that I do these days, the bride and groom only want a “cutting” cake and don’t actually want to serve the whole cake as a dessert at the wedding, but they still want to have a bigger cake for display at their wedding. A lot of the weddings that I have done, they literally just end up tossing the rest of the cake away (or dividing it up to different family members to take home) and they only end up cutting the top of the cake for pictures sake. This was the first bride where we actually made the bottom two tiers styrofoam instead of real cake! The only part of this cake that is actually cake is the top tier. The bottom two are styrofoam cake forms that are decorated with fondant and frosting to appear as “real” cake. It was a really fun experience because there were so many unknowns, like trying to frost a “cake” that weighs nothing and keeps trying to spin off my spin board.

I hope that more brides that only want a cutting cake choose to do styrofoam bases! It is much lighter to carry (and being seven months pregnant that made a huge difference) and it gave me more time to work on the bottom two layers because since I wasn’t actually working with a baked cake I could do it days before because I didn’t have to worry about my cake drying out.

Next time you are at a wedding and they only cut in the top cake, I’m sure you will wonder if the rest of the cake is in fact cake because now you see that looks can be deceiving! 🙂